Dru Germanoski's Driving Lights Installation

The following write describes how Dru Germanoski installed driving lights and modified his rear turn signal stalks.  A larger version of each image came be displayed by clicking on the smaller images.

Driving Lights

The driving lights are Night Blaster competition series 50 watt halogen lamps, $19.99 at just about any strip mall auto parts store. I mounted a small toggle switch and red pilot light in the little black plastic cover between the handlbar mounting clamps. The relay (30 amp auto relay cat. no. 275-226 Radio Shack) bolted right under the plastic cover that covers the radiator fuse on the right side of the steering head. The relay has a mounting flange that lets you use the little sidecover mounting stud. I took relay control power right out of the fan fuse and ran the main power from the battery through an in-line fuse. I mounted the lights to the headlight bolts via 2x2 inch aluminum angle, trimmed for ergodynamics a little.

Rear Turn Signal Stalks

I broke the metal ring that holds the rear turn signal stalk to the mounting bolt. The rest of the turn signal was not damaged. I cut a 1/8 inch thick disck of aluminum plate to fit the rubber turnsignal stalk. Rough cut with a hack saw and then filed to a perfect match. I drilled a total of four holes in the disc. One to route the wire through, one to run the mounting bolt through, and then two others to screw the disc to the rubber stalk. I countersunk the two holes to allow two flathead machine screws to mount flush in the aluminum disk. After inserting the mounting bolt, I epoxied the aluminum disc to the end of the rubber stalk and fastened the disc to the stalk with the two machine screws (screwed directly into the solid rubber stalk). I added a lock washer to the oem nut to re-attach the turn signal to the fender cowling. So far, so good.