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Following parts are available (click on part number to see picture of part)

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Honda Part Number


Honda's List Price (NOT your price)

Backrest/Sixpack Backrest/Sixpac for V45/VF700C $????
16101-MB1-671 Carburetor rack from 1982 V45 Magna $342.96
16100-MB2-693 Carburetor rack from 1984 VF700F Interceptor $1,283.12
30400-MB1-871 Module unit from 84 VF700C $282.20
30410-MB1-871 Module unit from 84 VF700C $286.42
77100-MB1-870 Seat for 84 VF700C (front part) $218.57
77300-MB1-870 Seat for 84 VF700C (rear part) $159.70
77100-MB1-770 Seat for 83 VF750C $308.58
50189-MB1-000   $17.50
50189-MB4-000   $24.18
80105-MB1-700 FENDER B, RR. $89.71
19101-MB1-000 TANK, RESERVE $25.92
17550-MB1-000 SUB-TANK, FUEL $90.18
50320-MB1-700 BOX COMP., BATTERY $76.20
11341-MB0-770 COVER, RR. $34.26
17551-MB1-000 TANK, STORAGE $10.53
83500-MB1-000 BOX, TOOL $31.59
77330-MB1-700 Grab Rails $123.14
38200-MB1-005 Fuse assembly $46.44
37640-MB1-701 Pilot light check unit 54.04
36100-MB1-701 Fuel cutoff relay $41.92
35550-MB1-771 Stop/taillight sensor $93.43
30510-MA6-003 Ignition coils $10.53
31200-MB0-405 Starter motor $319.55
31600-MB1-871 Rectifier/regulator $192.29
16950-MB1-005 PETCOCK ASSY. $19.27
18370-MB0-003 Rear downpipes (right and left) $76,27
24700-MB1-700 Gearshift pedal $71.52
28120-MB1-870 Starter Clutch $123.98
19311-MB1-000 Thermostate housing $55.35
53230-MB1-000 Fork Top Bridge #154.35
37600-MB1-871 Instrument cluster  
11631-MB0-000 Alternator Cover $115.15
35100-MB4-771 Ignition Switch Assembly $83.20
16700-MB1-025 Fuel Pump Assembly $109.83
61401-MB1-870 Lower fork trim #38.30
40250-MB1-020 Drive Shaft Assembly $251.58
35350-MB0-000 Rear brake switch  
46513-MB1-000 Rear brake arm  
46500-MB1-000 Rear brake pedal $58.33
35850-MB0-007 Starter Switch Assembly $74.59
Hiway_pegs Highway Pegs  
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