Schematics for Magna and Sabre

Each schematic is in two formats: PDF and TIFF.  Depending upon your browser environment, accessing the PDF format should automatically launch Acrobat Reader to display the image.  Downloading this file can be accomplished by "right clicking" on the filename and selecting "Save As".  The TIFF formats will give you the better (clearer) image.  The TIFF formats are saved as monolithic TIFF images saved in CCITT Group IV format.  The originals were scanned at 400 dpi.  You can use Windows Imaging to view this format as well as a variety of commercial imaging applications.

Depending on your environment, downloading the TIFF formats may default to a file extension of "tiff" which Windows Imaging does not recognize.  When the "Save As" DialogBox appears, change the file extension to "tif" (only one "f').

Model PDF Format TIFF Format
82 V45 Magna 82 V45 Magna.pdf 82 V45 Magna.tif
82 V45 Sabre 82 V45 Sabre.pdf 82 V45 Sabre.tif
83 V45 Magna 83 V45 Magna.pdf 83 V45 Magna.tif
83 V45 Sabre 83 V45 Sabre.pdf 83 V45 Sabre.tif
83 V65 Magna 83 V65 Magna.pdf 83 V65 Magna.tif
84 VF700C 84 VF700C Magna.pdf 84 VF700C Magna.tif
84 V65 Magna 84 V65 Magna.pdf 84 V65 Magna.tif
84 V65 Sabre 84 V65 Sabre.pdf 84 V65 Sabre.tif
85 VF700S 85 VF700S Sabre.pdf 85 VF700S Sabre.tif